Weatherzone Desktop

From the home page click Radar & Maps from top navigation bar and choose Satellite. The national animating infrared satellite image will display. To zoom in click your state on the map or it's name above the map.

Directly above the map is the option to display a black and white infrared image, a visible satellite image and a water vapour image. Below the map you can change the duration, speed and dwell of the animation. A control panel on the left allows you to navigate through the animation image by image. There are also tick boxes below the map to overlay district borders, lightning and rainfall data.

Weatherzone Mobile

From the homepage you can click the Satellite link to get to the satellite page. On this page you will have the option to choose different map and weather layers, other radar options and to switch to national, state or local satellites.

Alternatively, you can also get to the satellite page from your local weather page.