Weatherozne Desktop

For detailed current and past observations click your desired state in the Australian map on homepage and click (state name) observation under the state map.

The latest weather observations from your state will appear grouped by district. To group all observations together click station on the top left of screen. By default observations will be ordered alphabetically.

To order observations by weather criterion click on the appropriate link at the top of the page. For example, to order observations from hottest to coldest click on tmp. Observations in a lighter shade are synoptic reports which normally only report twice daily at 9am and 3pm. To view synoptic reports alone click the link on the top right of screen.

Synoptic reports are manual observations made by human observers and include visibility, cloud cover and worded current weather statements. All other observations are from automatic weather stations which report conditions every 10 minutes, half hourly or hourly. For past observations use the select date link in the top right of screen. For definitions of the various weather elements, such as temperature, wind etc, see the glossary.

Observations are also available in an easy to read map display. From the home page click your state on the map or its name below the map. On the state page click current in the top centre to display current temperatures, wind direction and wind speed for a selection of towns.

To zoom into a district click the district on the map or its name below the map. For more detailed observations for a specific town click on the towns name from the district map.

Weatherzone Mobile

There are two ways to see daily summaries for the location of your choice. 

1. From the homepage, choose any city from the Daily Forecast section to get to the local weather page. 

2 Or tap the Search icon on the top right corner and type in the location of your choice

Once on the local weather page, tap the dropdown section called "Observations". This will expand the section and you will be able to see the observation section.

The latest weather observations for your location will appear in the expanded section. To view observations from a weather station, click the dropdown field to see the data.

Additionally you will also see links to 

1. 24 hours Observations

2. Daily Summaries 

3. Averages & Records (Coming Soon)