Our new app has two primary ways to navigate around the app.

Changing Locations

You can change locations by tapping on the location at the top. It will show you your current list of locations. From here you can add a new location or remove a location from your list.

If you are just interested in the weather where you are its easiest to select "My Location" as shown below and it will check your current location every time you load the app and download the relevant data.


Navigating between Pages and Sections

We wanted to keep adding more content to the app and we had to find a new way to navigate for V4 of our apps. To do this we created the Navigation Drawer. This sits hidden and out of the way and when you need it its got instant access to all our great data.

To access the menu simply drag your finger from left to right across the screen or tap the menu icon in the top right corner, it looks like three horizontal lines.



The menu is organised into three main sections:

  1. Local Weather:
    • Now, Today & 7 Days - Current observations and forecasts all on one page.
    • Warnings - Current warnings from the BOM
    • Local Radar - The nearest radar for your location
    • 28 Day Rainfall - Chance of rain forecast for the district (Weatherzone Plus only)
    • Observation History - The past 24hrs and month to date plus almanac
    • Marine, Tides & Moon - Marine forecast, tide times and moon phase (Weatherzone Plus only)
  2. National Weather:
    • National Radar & Satellite
    • Synoptic Charts
    • National Video Update
    • News stories from our Meteorologists.
  3. Settings

We know that once you get used to the new menu that you will love using it.